Goodtimes is located atl 4238 El Jobean Rd, Port Charlotte, Florida 33953. Call one of our crew members at (941) 629-5600 to make your reservation!

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By joining our Captains Boat Rental Club, a one-time fee gets you unlimited half price boat rentals for an entire calendar year! No Monthly fees, as with many other boat clubs. By joining Goodtimes Boat Rental Captains club, a common sense boating club with a low yearly fee and you pay just 50%when you rent a boat. The one-time yearly boat rental fee gets you into our boat rental club. Most boat rental clubs charge a high entry fee, a monthly fee whether you rent a boat or not and you have to pay to rent a boat! Live on the water with maintenance free boating. No Insurance payments! No cleaning! No Boat Payment!! Carefree Boating can be yours! Just click on the membership at the top of the page to get more details!!!