Florida Manatees

Goodtimes Boat RentalFlorida Manatees are found in shallow, slow-moving rivers, bays, estuaries and coastal water ecosystems of the southeastern United States. They can live in fresh, brackish, or salt water. Manatees prefer waters that are about one to two meters (3-7 feet) deep. Along the coast, manatees tend to travel in water that is about three to five meters (10-16 feet) deep, and they are rarely seen in areas over six meters (20 feet) deep. This habitat provides them with sheltered living and breeding areas, a steady, easily obtainable food supply and warm water — all of which they need to survive. ¬†There are plenty of manatee to see in Charlotte Harbor… so keep your eyes open, slow down and turn off your engine if they approach your boat; they are incredible creatures to see!
Remember to Look, But Don’t Touch.¬†For their own protection, wild animals need to stay wild to survive.