Wacky Rigs

Fishing the wacky rig is simple and can be done by virtually anyone. It is a very effective way to catch fish and quality ones at that! With you being able to keep the bait in the strike zone longer, the fish are sure to hit your bait!

Once you cast out your bait, the falling action of the bait is unbelievable and the flutter of it just triggers the fish alone, not to mention your retrieval action you will create! once your bait hits bottom, reel in the slack and pop up your bait with a few quick short upward flicks of your rod. Make sure not to do big jerks, you only want quick short flicks, mostly created with your wrist. After a few flicks, begin to let your line fall back down and reel in the slack again and repeat. The Fish will generally ambush your bait on  the fall, and you may not even feel it at some time, so remember to keep a good eye on your high vis line!

There are many other techniques to fish this rig and you will come across some more as you begin to get used to the bait. This bait is good all year long for me and I always seem to catch a decent fish on it!

So go down to your local tackle dealer and go get some gear to begin wacky rigging!